A European ESG Working Group

CPEA is hosting the European ESG Working Group, the networking-hub for ESG on European level.


ESG is defined and practised differently across Europe and a common European approach is just emerging. The CPEA ESG Working Group will provide a networking platform for ESG related topics at European level with the following objectives:

  • Exchange of experience at European level on the subject of ESG
  • Overview and mapping of ESG activities in the real estate sector
  • Understanding national differences in the perception of ESG
  • Translation of ESG criteria and processes for the real estate sector
  • Standardisation of definitions and approaches in Europe
  • Deeper treatment of social and governance issues (as input for Taxonomy)
  • Joint evaluation of existing tools/assessment systems, and, if necessary, development and use of new tools

Who is it for?

The CPEA European ESG Working Group is geared towards the real estate industry, e.g. project developers, owners / PropComs, real estate investors, asset managers, managers of corporate real estate, owner-occupiers but also financial institutions, insurance companies or pension funds.

In addition, the working group also welcomes consultants associated with the industry, trade and industry associations and NGOs.

Ways of Working

The Working Group will meet four to six times per year, preferably digital. Where appropriate, subgroups will be established to develop specific topics.

The constituent meeting of the Working Group will take place in the second quarter of 2021.

If you are interested to participate in then CPEA’s European ESG Working Group, please feel free to reach out to us via the Contact form.

CPEA Founding Members

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