Data Privacy Policy

1. Information on the collection of personal data

(1) In this document we provide information on the collection of personal data when using our website. Personal data means all data relating to you personally, e.g. your name, address, email addresses and user behaviour.

(2) The controller in accordance with Art. 4(7) EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is

Rue Washington 40
1050 Brussels
(see our legal notice)

Our data protection coordinator is available at


or under our postal address with the addition Data Protection Coordinator.

(3) When you contact us by email or by using a contact form, the data you provide (e.g. your email address, your name and telephone number) will be processed by us in order to respond to your query. We will erase this data once it is no longer needed, or we will restrict its processing where statutory safe-keeping obligations apply. Because it is in both your and our interest that we can answer any and all contact requests, the legal basis for this processing of your personal data is found in Article 6(1)(f) GDPR: our mutual legitimate interest.

(4) In the future we may want to use your contact data to inform you about our activities (such as seminars, webinars, trainings and other activities that might be of interest to you) and invite you to participate. Our website has a separate opt-in button that allows you to consent to this use of your data; we may also ask you for an opt-in by email. We would like to encourage you to opt in; of course doing so is entirely voluntary and you can opt out at any time by contacting us at the contact data listed above.

2. Your Rights

(1) You have the following rights regarding your personal data:

– You have the right to get information about the processing of your personal data

– You have the right to get a free copy of your personal data that is processed by us

– You have the right to have your personal data corrected (in case of omissions or inaccuracies)

– You have the right to have your personal data deleted and/or its processing to be restricted

– You have the right to object to the processing of your personal data

We do not use any automated decision making in the processing of your personal data. We will of course comply with all your rights. Just be aware that sometimes this may also mean that we cannot properly answer your contact request

(2) You always have the right to submit a complaint to a data protection supervisory authority about our processing of your personal data.

3. Collection of personal data during visits to our website

(1) Where the website is used merely for informational purposes, i.e. if you do not register or otherwise provide information to us, we only collect the personal data transmitted to our server by your browser. When you visit our website, we collect the following data that we require for technical reasons in order to show you the website and safeguard its stability and security (also including protecting our site against hackers). All these reasons are of legitimate interest to you and us and the legal basis for this processing can be found in Art. 6(1)(f) GDPR.

– IP address

– Date and time of the query

– Time zone difference to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

– Specific content (webpage) of the query

– Access status/HTTP status code

– Quantity of data transferred in each case

– Website that is the source of the query

– Browser

– Operating system and its interface

– Language and version of the browser software.

This data is stored for as long as necessary to guarantee that we can safely and reliably present our website to you. The ever-changing threats by hackers etc. prevent us from setting a hard deadline for this storage; for more information feel free to contact us.

(2) In addition to the above-mentioned data, cookies are also stored on your computer when you use our website. Cookies are tiny text files that are stored on your hard disk and attributed to the browser you use, and which enable certain information to flow to the party placing the cookie (in this case, us). Cookies are unable to run programs or transfer viruses to your computer. They serve to render internet products more user-friendly and more effective overall.

(3) Use of cookies:

a) This website uses the following kinds of cookies, the scope and functioning of which are explained below:
– Session cookies – (b) below
– Permanent cookies – (c) below

b) Session cookies are created when you visit our website and deleted automatically when you close your browser or log out.

c) Permanent cookies are not deleted when you close your browser or log out. However, they are deleted automatically after a pre-set period which can vary depending on the cookie. You can delete these cookies at any time in the security settings of your browser.

d) We use both session and permanent cookies to enable us to recognize you when you return, show you the site’s contents, keep our website running, and analyse its usage.

e) In addition to using cookies we also sometimes use HTML5 storage objects. These objects have much the same purpose as cookies, but are more modern and flexible; legally speaking, cookies and HTML5 storage objects are the same. Currently, we use such storage objects only to identify our site administrators; we do not create HTML5 storage objects for regular visitors.

f) In order to allow you to control the use of cookies, a cookie consent-tool is implemented on this website: our Cookiebot. Cookiebot works with a pop-up window, displays a cookie list divided into functional groups, and explains the purpose of the cookie functional groups and the individual cookies and their storage period. It also allows you to consent (or not) to the use of the various cookie groups. The results of your choices are stored in another cookie; this is technically unavoidable.

g) We fully respect your right to refuse the storage of cookies and try our best to accommodate that, but for technical reasons we are not always able to guarantee that you will be able to fully enjoy all aspects of this website if you do so.

Here are some technical details about the cookies on our site and about your choices:

Cookie Declaration

4. Other functions and offers on our website, third parties

Our website offers you the opportunity to get in touch with us through a contact form, and in the future we may implement other interactive services on our site. Responding to your messages and requests and generally staying in touch with you inevitably involves processing your personal, and that processing may be performed by our partners. All of our partners are located inside the European Economic Area and have to follow the same strict rules regarding your privacy. Should you still have a concern, then you can always contact us for more information.

5. Objection to or revocation of processing of your data

(1) If you have granted your consent to the processing of your data, you may revoke such consent at any time. Revocation affects the lawful processing of your personal data after it has been expressed to us by you.

(2) Insofar as our processing of your personal data is based on a balancing of interests, you may object to such processing. When submitting such an objection, please state the reasons why we should not process your personal data in the manner in which we did. If your objection is well-founded, we will either discontinue or modify the data-processing, or we will present compelling reasons meriting protection, on the basis of which we will continue the processing.

(3) Of course, you may object to the processing of your personal data for advertising and data analysis purposes at any time. You may notify us of the objection raised against use for advertising purposes using the following contact details: CLIMATE POSITIVE EUROPE ALLIANCE aisbl, c/o REHVA, Rue Washington 40, 1050 Brussels, Belgium, email:

6. Use of Matomo (formerly Piwik)

(1) This website uses the web analysis service Matomo in order to analyse and improve the use of our website at regular intervals. The statistics obtained help us to improve our products and make them more interesting to you as the user – a legitimate interest of ours. The legal basis for the use of Matomo is Art. 6(1)(f) of the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

(2) Cookies are stored on your computer for analysis purposes (see further details under 3 above). The information thus collected is stored by the controller solely on a server located in Germany. The analysis can be stopped by deleting existing cookies and by preventing the storage of cookies. You can prevent the storage of cookies by changing the settings of your browser. It is possible to prevent the use of Matomo by making the appropriate selection during the cookie request (for more details see Point 3 (3) f)).

(3) This website uses Matomo with the AnonymizeIP add-on. This means that IP addresses are processed in abbreviated form, thus excluding direct attribution to a specific person. The IP address communicated by your browser using Matomo is not combined with other data collected by us.

(4) We keep Matomo data for as long as we need to analyse how our website is used including observing long-term trends. For more information, please feel free to contact us.